Moments Of Getting Joy.

Seattle Performing Arts

The exciting city that exudes exuberance with its love for art has been paving
the path to excellent oeuvres.

Welcome To The World Of Arts

Step inside a creative world that promises excitement and fascination.  Open yourself up to all the sights and sounds that capture the imagination.

What You Find Here

Let us entertain you. Our venues offer many options for lovers of the arts. Learn a new talent or visit one of our theaters for performances that are sure to appeal to the whole family.

Music Schools

Immerse yourself in all facets of music. Hone your craft while learning the fundamentals, theory and technique.

Drama Theatres

Transport yourself to another world without leaving your seat.

Ballet Studios

Our dance studios are open for performances and lessons all year round to allow all levels of dancers to thrive

Concert Halls

Enjoy a variety of stage performances at our concert halls. You will find something for everyone.

Seatle Childrens Theatre

Instill a life-long appreciation for the arts.  Participation in the Seattle Children’s Theater helps kids to garner self-confidence, social bonding and skills to succeed in the future.


Dance Studios


Music Schools


Drama Theatres


Other Art Venues

Seatle Art Venues

Join us at one of our venues for an evening you will not soon forget.

  • Paramount Theatre
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • Emerald City Trapeze
  • Fremont Abbey Arts Center

Client Testimonials

"This has been one of the best experiences I have had at a ballet show. I have such an appreciation and love for the artists."
Julie C. Dunkelberger
"The pure talent on the stage amazed me. I can't wait to come back for another performance."
Tonya C. Schoonmaker

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